Imaginary Mac Miller’s LAST NIGHT.

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I’ve been sober for a month now. Drugs used to be my constant reminder that everything in this world can look better. But oh my god the regrets would come crashing the walls I built myself. I can hear my friends laughing from another room, my brothers, my family. These damn people I cannot bear to lose. I looked at the ceiling, wishing I could fly, I told myself I will be better this time, but everything’s changing, though for the better, sometimes I cannot keep up. I cannot complain, though. I know this is what I was born for, last album was great, even the critics agree this time, them fuckers who only see what they want to see. But who am I to blame? I feel like I’m just starting, reborn every moment, yet I feel old like I had too much for a lifetime. I smiled, here I am again. I went out. Bottles, music everywhere, this is life. So much has changed yet so much remained the same, and here I am feeling strange in the middle. But the money, it’s always about the money isn’t it? I hope it isn’t but damn, it is.

“Okay, everyone” I cleared my throat. Everyone looked at me, high as the Empire State of Mind. “Tonight, we will celebrate life. As fleeting as it is, we should at least devote something to one night of music and celebration – not that we don’t do that all the time” Everyone’s looking at me, I know I looked like a fool but they say those who are fools are the ones who are alive, so tonight I live. “You’ve been with me from the start, from home made videos, to late night mumbles and shitty demos, and when we have nothing. Now, we have everything and I promise you will not have nothing again.” Absurd as it is, some of the girls are crying I went on. “So tonight, I just want to say thank you to my friends, and my family.” I raised my beer bottle and everyone did too. And these are the things that media won’t know, not that I want them to. These moments are mine, and I will keep them on the center of my brain and heart. Damn.

After a while, I went inside my room, fiddled with my piano, made some random tunes, when one of the dudes entered my room.

“Bro, you okay?” he said,

“High as the sky” I answered, grinned widely, I feel happy, oddly calm like I just figured the secret of the universe.

“I just want you to know that we are thankful and that you have our back all the time.”
I hugged him.

“Thanks man. We be makin songs, forever.” I said.

Some of them went home one by one, I guess there were two or three who will stay overnight, which I don’t mind. They do it all the time, besides, they’re more than just neighbors, they’re fam.

My phone rung, just an Instagram notification, clicked it one hand on the phone other hand on the cigarette. Another hate, another post about her. I don’really know if I still love her anymore, but maybe, when you’re too high, everything’s fragile and so looking at her face, I suddenly fell on the ground. I don’t know why I did it, I don’t know why i lingered. The media sucks, I had other bitches before, but maybe music really is so divine. Like she is. A goddess incarnate. And I wanted her, she wanted me, she kept me grounded, it ruined her and in turn she had to leave, it ruined me, seeing her face on the steering wheel I didn’t want to touch it. Fuck.

I went outside to the living room. I see her everywhere in this haunted house, her hair down, baking cookies, making her high as her iconic ponytail. Her scent smells like clouds, she gets along with everyone and no one. I wish I had more time, I wish I can stay as steady , so chill, but we be fightin when I am and out of her life, so did I end it? Did she end it? Who knows anymore. The people knows a lot than I can ever know, not that any of it is true.

“We’ll be all right, okay?” I said.
“We’ll be.” she said quietly, stifling a cry. “Keep in touch”
“For sure”

I stashed of drugs left on the sofa has been left. Unlit, unused, i put it in my pocket, the poison, so that no one will see. Just like what I do with the toxic, I put it in a song so that no one will be hurt. I played her song, make it seem like a joke but it hits me, it always does.
“I don’t want to wake up..” she sings, painful words, in honey like voice, maybe this is what heaven feels like.
I didn’t notice one of the guys are filming me, I stopped him, we fooled around some more. After a while, I said my good night, went inside my room.

Calm, collected.
Money, dreams, heaven, hell.
Am I pushed to this? Or do I only want to make music. 7th of September – what is this for?

I played one of my song, in vinyl, recorded it and sent it to social media just like every social pyscho, but I am proud, I am not ashamed to say I am proud. Smoked some more, I suddenly had a vision of heaven, so I got high, got my palms on my pocket lit everything up, never countin’ how much, not desperate, just want to see how this goes. And a minute or so, I see it, swrills of light and voices, her laugh, my laugh, all laughter, I am happy, I am more than happy, so I smile. It goes on and on, I feel like I am holding up the universe in the palm of my hand and everyone be talking about me, not us, no, just you.

And so blood come pouring out of my nose, and I want to scream in fear, but I laugh, I cried out to God but no voice came. And I realized I am so tired, I am so so tired, and so i kneel. I am not the one to be satisfied, but I pray this time I will be. I will be. And tomorrow, if there is tomorrow, it goes on and on..

just like this darkness enveloping me, hugging me, and then finally, fucking finally. there’ s nothing. Finally.


***note: this is purely fiction, and does not intend any harm. I love Mac Miller and I sometimes think of what have been.




Dear Love,

We have been fighting a lot lately. Disagreements over small things are turning into poisonous fights. We both know we don’t want this, we both know we don’t want war. The things is, we both can’t help it. We are both changing into the person we are supposed to be, and maybe that’s why we are getting uncomfortable with our own bodies, I mean who wants change when they’re not yet ready?

But know that we are invincible. You are my soulmate , and I am your own. We promised, remember? And we’re not the type of couple who doesn’t try again and again, and again until we fall in love again with each other and not just the idea of us when we first met. We will hold each other’s hands through these changes and we will jump even if we are not yet ready, because we know we will catch each other regardless if we flew or reached the bottom.

We are different. yet we are the same. We are under the same sky, and I believe we will be together until our last breath, as cliche as it sounds.

Please, baby. We may be struggling right now and we both have our demons, but we are ideal, we are perfect for each other. What we can imagine, we can turn into reality and we will reach our stars together and we will dance in the moon – drunk and in love.


I love you. Don’t let go of my hand, okay?



A Letter To My 15 year old Self

Hi there,

I believe you are done with high school now and you are still feeling uncertain of the future. I know you are afraid you won’t be able to achieve your goals and dreams. You are experiencing a lot of hardships and it feels too much for your age, you are still trying to figure out everything, but don’t pressure yourself, you are still too young to understand everything all at once. I know love feels like a game to you, and you are afraid of falling in to deep, that’s why you are afraid to continue your high school relationship, and that is okay, you’ll fall in love soon, but don’t be afraid to break your heart in the process, it is of your growth.

Today, you are seated at a city you never thought you would be in. It won’t be ideal but it’s better than where you’ve been. You live with your love of your life now, you love each other and you both know you won’t be able to survive without each other for too long. You’ll be glad you waited, you’ll be glad you stuck around.

Young self, your heart will be ripped open and you will encounter a lot of turbulence. You’ll get insults just by being who you are, you will gain a lot of friends but you will lose them the hard way, by trusting a person you thought wouldn’t betray you. But you will heal, it will take time, but you will.

My advice would be for you for you to take your time learning the curves of your own body, by appreciating your battle scars, by learning how to deal with mediocrity and not letting the world harden your heart. I know it’s easier said than done, but looking at it now, I know you will be amazing and you will be part of something bigger. The years of trying to fit in is now done, you will now have the strength to stand on your own feet and realize your own dreams. Ten years from now, you will still be growing, you are still away from the person you wan’t to be but that is okay. It means you still have plenty of time to explore the world, get to know yourself and make mistakes which will catapult you to the person you are meant to be.

Again, hang in there Younger self, you’ll get here in no time but I hope we won’t meet, because we will be two worlds away, and that means we’re both on the right track. For now, believe that you have what it takes to get through today. Take care of yourself.


25 Lessons I learned at 25

Probably the most cliché title of all titles, and nobody asked for this, but I can be persistent sometimes, so here it goes.

The rundown of all the (practical and impractical) things I learned in twenty-five years of my existence (or more like the previous months if I am being honest)

  1. As much as we want to stick with our childhood dreams, some of them, we realize, no longer align to who we are now. So, we learn to let go and trust ourselves that we will be able to meet who we are one day
  2. . Learning is endless. We shouldn’t stop learning, exploring and trying out new things. Life is full of practical lessons like reading the map, playing video games, or even just reading a new book in a topic you are not used to. Don’t be afraid and fall into the trap of “I am too old for that” mentality. Personally, I still want to learn how to play the piano. I think I will start with that.
  3. We should learn how to cook and feed ourselves. Contrary to the notion that this generation’s women no longer cook. I believe there is fulfillment in learning how to create simple dishes from scratch.  Also, no one’s always with yaya or mama unless you’re Heart Evangelista.
  4. Trends are cute but they don’t last. Invest in good dresses, well-fitting jeans, and neutral colors. I started buying high-end sneakers since last year cause I know they will last a long time. As per the other stuff? I’m also learning 😉
  5. Adventures are okay, amazing even, but lately, I am becoming a tita and starting to feel more comfortable at home, cooking, buying groceries and catching a quick coffee on a nearby shop (without posting on social media lol) As the saying goes “Live a life you don’t need an escape from”
  6. Not everyone is your friend. It’s nice to be friendly, but don’t stay with meaningless friendships especially if you feel misunderstood and a tribe is not a tribe if they always put you down, no matter how long you’ve known them. Have the audacity to leave if you feel undervalued.
  7. Faith works. God will always find a way to turn things around for you no matter how hard the situation is. It may not be obvious at first, but small progress is still progress and what we call “small” blessings are just preparing us for the bigger things to come.
  8. Everyone goes crazy sometimes. If you think you are alone with your battles, always remember that everyone feels the same sometimes. All of us have our own lowest blows (Ariana Grande everyone?) and fatal loss but it doesn’t mean we won’t be able to stand up and pick ourselves up. We can, you can, I promise you.
  9. Social media is fake. I love social media and all the memes in all the world, plus the news, how fast news travel in this universe? But knowing people who only post to make their lives look better on the outside makes me doubt myself sometimes. “Do I just post this selfie just to feel good about myself or because I already feel good?” I always choose the latter. Use social media wisely, don’t be part of the majority who only use it to boost their social standing. Be wise, soldiers.
  10. True love forgives and doesn’t use your past as leverage. How many years I’ve wasted just to learn this, I am both the sender and receiver of this insanity and I just want to say sorry to those I’ve wronged, I was so young back then. I now know that people learn every day and that the mistakes we did shouldn’t define who we are unless we do it habitually.
  11. Jewelry is a good investment. I never liked gold chains and I don’t even know the difference of diamond to cubic zirconia until earlier this year. But to be honest, they make you feel more sophisticated and makes you feel like you have your life together, but I save up for them and only get one when there’s an occasion. (I still don’t have a diamond, so don’t rob my house, kay?)
  12. Our parents are not perfect. In case you don’t know, I no longer live with my parents as they have issues I’d rather not get involved with but I still love them with all my heart. It’s just that, growing up we think parents have everything figured out, then we realized they are just as lost as we are. What a crushing realization. Still, let’s respect our parents, they survived this shizball we live in longer than we are now, salute!
  13. Lovers should grow together. This is an ode to my previous lover; I forgive you today more than ever because even though you brought me so much pain and paranoia, you once made me happy, and that itself is enough. You were constant in my life, and that made me question what I can do. Our love became our cage and I realized it’s not enough. I’m not sorry I wanted out though I am sorry it was messy, but I just want to say I am proud of who I am today. Ciao and see ya around!
  14. Drink Green Tea, google it, it’s good for you.
  15. Skincare takes time. Advertisements offer miracle results but real magic doesn’t just happen overnight. Stick with your routine, drink tons of water and smile through stress, thank me later.
  16. Learn how to budget. When I started working I save to spend, but now, I save, to save and invest. You are slaving every day so better make use that of that moolah and reserve your energy for more important things, than partying on weekends and buying stuff you won’t need next month.
  17. Listen to good music. I used to be an Ed Sheeran, ride or die fan, but no longer that person. Instead, I was left with enchantment with his ex-beau Nina. Since this is my page, I am going to provide few of the bands/artists you should listen to, namely, Nina Nesbitt, The 1975, Eden, Troye Sivan’s old stuff(his new stuff are good too btw), Panama, Billie Eillish, and Harry Style’s acoustic songs. 
  18. Go to Booksales, go crazy! Hoard, be like me! I don’t care what Marie Kondo will say but get all the books you can! Fill your house with books, get hardbound, they are more expensive but you can use them for self-defense.
  19. Casinos are fun, just don’t get addicted to it. I and my boyfriend likes to visit Casino every once in a while, and we actually win every once in a while, but we don’t do it habitually, just trying new things together makes our relationship fresh and new.
  20. Plan your travel. Traveling without an itinerary is not fun, I promise you. Have a plan, have a budget. Maybe other people like to travel for the sake of checking off their bucket list but I like having my own comfort room in my hotel room and free breakfast won’t hurt, don’t you think? Travel and explore the neighborhood as well, eat local food if you can and immerse yourself with nature. I know I am ironic, yes I love my hotel room but I also love my nature, nothing wrong with wanting the best of both worlds.
  21. Use Pinterest/We Heart It for ideas. I started cooking this year and I actually looked into some recipes with the help of these sites. Also, when I get stressed out I like looking at pretty things.
  22. Sun is your best friend. Whenever I feel sad I know all I need is just a little bit of sun and I will feel better. Yes, I love being at home, but summer and the sun will always have a special place in my heart.
  23. I don’t like people who only talk about themselves. I tend to stay away from talking to people who only talk about how their day went, what they did last weekend without asking how the other person is. I mean, maybe I will care about what you ate if you care about how my caterpillar died last Sunday, right? Conversations should be a two-way street.
  24. What’s done is done. Hello, anxiety-riddled brain! I know it’s hard to accept the fact that we can no longer change the things that have been done 5 years ago but what’s the point of staying in the illusion that we can by bullying ourselves? Please let me go, I know for a fact that what I have now is my present, stop making me feel that I don’t deserve it. Love, myself.
  25. Keep on Dreaming and Praying for your dream life. If you can imagine it, if you know in your heart you can do it, then you can.


I realized these items are not in any order, but to be honest, I don’t care. Life is like that anyway, in no order we can find happiness, fulfillment, and faith.

Wherever you are now, whatever you do, today is my birthday but this is my gift to you.


Goodbye my Deeper Child

It’s just the 17th of March and it already feels like a new beginning is already beckoning. I want to change but I am afraid, but it seems like the universe has its own way of making sure my life won’t stay the same. Did I ask for this? Maybe, but not this way, to be honest.

I am starting to feel like I am an infiltrator of my own life and I am seeing things, people and beliefs which no longer feel right. I am evolving, and to be honest, I am less than ready – I am afraid, and I sometimes feel lost.

I want to share everything – my struggles, my hopes, my fears, but that would entail a whole lot of conversation. All I know is that right now, I need people who will stay beside me no matter what. I don’t want to be the toxic person I used to be, these people don’t deserved that and one of the most painful lessons I learned so far is that sometimes I have to let go of my own needs first and think about other people. I mean, how can I expect them to do it for me if I can’t do for them, right? I am detaching from this “me, me, me” mentality because as much as I love my self-love talks, I don’t want to be alone and I actually want to have at least a few people who will accept me and love me unconditionally.  I am grateful for the few friends who remained in my life, my boyfriend and God who never fails to show me love every day. I take them for granted sometimes and that’s one of the things I have to learn as well. I think I have become too strong that I am starting to detach myself from the people who only want to help, I should stop that, cause if I am being honest, I need people in my life – now more than ever.

I want to talk about these specific struggles, but there’s another time for that, and when I am ready, I will let it all out, but now, I have to keep them private. I want to rebuild myself in private. There are people who judge my decisions and actually say they only care, when in fact, they don’t know what’s happening in my life every day. Choose your tribe wisely. Not everyone can stay when everything’s a mess in your life, some are just in it for the fun.

I realized I am turning twenty-five next month though I still feel like a child sometimes I kind of feel like I already have to shed off some of my childhood and get some adulting done lest I expire and no longer grow as a person.

No longer a kid, but still on the verge of being an adult – how time flies.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
just a typical Saturday night around town


I want to…


The sheer vastness of the world sometimes scares me, but not knowing what’s out there – I will not forgive myself. I want to see everything, I want to see everything, I want to touch the snow from the mountains, I want to feel the sun kiss my nose and smell exotic coffee. I want to look in a lion eye to eye, make wishes in wells, see the world through foggy cold. I want to hold my breath in wonder and awe. I want to see the world and let the world see me the way I see it, feeling the eternity smile back at me.

I want to forgive myself for all the times I neglected and me and became my worst enemy. I want to forgive the people who hurt me.

I want to remember every memory, every tear, every laugh.



I want to write about what I feel, what I see, and not be guilty. I don’t want to change at all, any bit of me if it’s not what my heart is telling me, no matter how dark I can get.

I will bring who I am, where I am.

I will not be ashamed again.


The Right Kind of Self-Love

Self-love is pretty big these days. I must say though, that it’s starting to blur a line between love and pride. I know cause I just recently realized that myself. I started creating a life that is entirely up to me and still find myself fall short. These days my head is much clearer and I am beginning to see things in a bigger picture. I am healing myself in any way possible by letting go of things, people, and emotions no longer making me feel like me. I just want to share some of the lessons I am just starting to grasp and apply in my life. I hope you still have time because I am sure this will help you somehow.

The right kind of self-love makes you RESPECT YOURSELF.

You are so much more than what the people around you is trying to turn you into, and yet as we all know the worst enemy is our brain. Respecting yourself means choosing your battles and choosing the words we listen and believe to. If you find yourself compromising or pretending to only like something just because everyone’s doing it, even though deep inside you don’t feel comfortable doing it, you are disrespecting yourself. There’s a difference in being adventurous and fun and being a doormat of other people’s opinions of you. Respect yourself and know what you really want and don’t stray away from it just to feel validated.

The right kind of self-love makes you FORGIVE YOURSELF

No one’s perfect, but with all the well-curated, edited photos from all the Instagram posts you furiously scroll all day, you kind of think that somehow one magic filter will make your life perfect, or at least look perfect. No one really tells you that loving yourself means you can forgive yourself for not putting on makeup all week or saying no to a party because you want a whole day all to yourself and watch Harry Potter reruns, don’t you? Now, I’m telling you, it’s okay. Forgive yourself for not being perfect and not wanting to be one. You are entirely up to you. If you hate yourself just because you feel inadequate, it will show. I know this one’s a tough call but, you can actually forgive yourself for all the things you did and did not do. Use those so called “mistakes” as lessons, and create a better version of you.


I don’t know what you went through, and I don’t know what you are going through right now. I still have a lot of people to forgive in my life as well. Every day, you can choose to forgive, it’s a really fragile that word is, but still try to do so. Hate is a double-edged sword. Hate makes you overlook the good things in life. Forgive others because you love yourself and you are worth all the good things in life.


Even if the world likes label, you can still choose to step out of the stereotypes. Choose your own adjectives. I had a friend who told me that I cannot go back to who I was, and maybe that’s correct, or maybe he just wants me to be sad, I don’t know, but as far as I know, he’s still out there always mad, always have something to fight about. If the world broke you, there’s nothing wrong with going back and remembering the good things. Chances are you are still that same person, only wiser and stronger.


I like stalking celebrities’ accounts and I sometimes feel like I have to act or be like them to be happy. Guess what? I don’t and you don’t. Sure, I still check their accounts sometimes on a daily basis (yes, I am guilty of that) but I realized that I still want to be my authentic self. I am not a celebrity but I am special too. I have my own ideas, I have my own life and I think now, it’s my turn to color it wild wild colors imaginable.

Now, it’s your turn too!

I told my mom about my depression

it was just a normal day of dissonance with the current situation I am in and basically I was crying and holed in my room waiting for the feeling to subside. Thirty minutes and my eyes are bloodshot and sent a message to my mother who is downstairs at that moment. I couldn’t tell it at first, she went upstairs and I can see she’s worried. Like a normal person should she told me not to be sad and we all know, it’s the worst thing you could say to someone who is in the same boat. I, then made her read what “depression” is. I am glad that my mother is sensitive enough and has at least an idea of what it is. She told me how she can help and if I might need a doctor, I told her, no net yet, not as of the moment, I already have someone helping me. She is basically just as sad as I am about it but she’s so sympathetic. One of my greatest fear is someone I love rejecting me once they find out about it, like some former friend of me did. Not that I blame her, but I realized that if someone really cares about you, they wouldn’t bat an eye on what you have. My mother has asthma, and I told her that it’s just like that. There are days that you can get through it, then there are days you cannot and I am so glad she understands.

I skipped work today. I started working again 3 weeks ago but then I don’t think it’s working out so my mother gave her blessing that I should stop and rest for another month or two and I think this time, I definitely will. There are things I really want to let go and learn (and series to finish too!)

I know, unlike others, this won’t be as easy as how my parents handled it, but if you can open to someone who really show their love, or someone you are sharing a house with, they should know. They will understand you a little better and won’t judge you why you could be a little too emotional sometimes. It will give you peace, too. I used to feel guilty of staying at home and doing nothing. Guess what, I am going to let go of that too.


I am healing, and I am loving myself every day. You should, too.



Pink Skies and No More Lies

2018-01-29 05.04.48 2.jpg
Shoot location: Azumi Boutique Hotel

I’ve been living life lately as low-key as possible. Not because I am a celebrity but it’s due to the fact that one of the main reasons of a person’s unhappiness is comparing themselves to every people around them. It’s easy doing that mistake these days, with all the different social media platforms where people create online personas and sharing is easier and faster than turning on a microwave. It’s easy for us to think that we are left out and that we are no longer relevant, FOMO is real, isn’t it?I must admit that for the past few months my unhappiness came from wanting to covet too much. I just discovered the love for shoes and I am telling you, it’s really satisfying getting one after another.

We recently went to Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines, and tried to live a local. We rented a condo that is a 10-15 minutes away from the city, cooked our own meals and promised to be present in the moment rather than constantly checking our social medias . It was actually liberating and very humbling. I am an only child and my mother still does everything for me and cooking my own dinner is actually a big deal for me. It was just three days but I already can’t wait for the next one and honestly, I feel like they trust me more now. I still have some goals about this, I really want to try to live on my own for 6 months to a year or even longer, but I heard no man is island, so we’ll see 😉

2018-01-25 07.08.02 1.jpg

The year just started and I feel like this is really a good year. I must admit I’m not the most positive person you’ll meet. I easily get irritated and disappointed but I am doing my best to stay above the waters. I just really want to be happy and I don’t want to deny myself that. This trip to Baguio is just one of the many things I want to do this year and the money spent cannot be compared to the lessons and experiences I’ve learned so far.

I don’t like doing resolutions and I know it’s quite late but I just want to list down the things that I know will make me happy.

1. Let myself be happy with life regardless if things don’t go my way

2. Create content even if I’m afraid I will look naive or stupid –  I bully myself when it comes to my instagram and blog posts thinking I am not good enough, I will do my best to let go of that as well.

3. Just do things even if it seems scary and involves too much money – I am actually afraid of spending so much for something that I really like, thinking it won’t really end up enjoyable or worth it. How will I know if I won’t try, right? Experiences are vital than money I’ll just make sure my savings won’t be compromised.

I think that’s it for now, looks like this blog post is quite straight-forward, I hope that is fine with you, dear readers.

I am really happy I am writing again, I don’t have any specific theme at the moment but I think I will still continue regardless until I find my own voice.

Until then, you have a great day and let’s all follow the pursuits of our hears!






My January 2018 Favorites!

Time flies so fast, don’t you think?

Already 21 days after you pledged your resolutions (or not) , have you followed or already forget about them?

Personally, I only promised myself I will work out and eat healthy, which obviously I am not doing. Haha!

Anyway, this post is dedicated to my favorite things / people/ event or just anything I found myself loving for the past 21 days.

Let’s start!

1. GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso

2018-01-21 03.43.15 1.jpg

GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso available at Fullybooked , Keepsake Planner available at Fullybooked, Seattle’s Best Coffee Journal available at SBC upon completion of stickers.

January is quite a busy month for me so I wasn’t able to squeeze in a lot of reading time but this one is actually part self-help part-business and part-memoir and I am enjoying reading and even taking down notes. She has this very friendly voice yet full of hidden gems that are worth taking note of. I suggest this to anyone who is planning to start her own empire or just for those who want to take charge of their life and be their own #GirlBoss

2. Keepsake Daily Planner

This is my favorite planner out of the 3 I am using because of it’s very summer-y feel and sturdy material. The one below is from Seattle’s Best Coffee, it’s a very classy journal and I use them for my random thoughts.

3. Secosana Bags

2018-01-21 03.43.12 1.jpg
Secosana Bags available at SM Department stores

I am not really fan of bags like most girls, but I got these two for around Php2,000 which is actually a steal! I use the smaller one for daily use and the other one which can fit a lot of things, even 2 sets of clothes. Also, it’s my first time using black bags, and I think I will continue doing so. They looks so classy!

4. VANS sneakers

a. SK8 -HI Slim Zip Valentine

b. Vans Old Skool

I’ve been using this pair a lot of times because who wouldn’t love the pink linings and the pink heart!

2018-01-21 03.43.16 1.jpg
SK8 -HI Slim Zip Valentine Vans Old-Skool available at VANS.COM

They go so well with everything, from jeans to shorts and dresses.

2018-01-21 03.43.17 1.jpg
SK8 -HI Slim Zip Valentine available at VANS.COM

more reasons to wear your heart on your shoes? hope they restock other colors too with this design. I would love to have the black one with the red heart.

5. Nike AirForce 1

I’ve been dreaming of these shoes since last year! When I finally got it, I was actually over the moon (thanks Zalora! you actually have size) Nike AF 1 has been worn by a lot of iconic celebrities and they really look good AF(pun intended) in person and in photos. Dubbed as the “IT girl shoes” by Mega Magazine, this one is TDF.

I wear this with everything too, I am loving the new sporty trend actually. I think this one trend I am going to continue this year.

2018-01-21 03.43.20 1.jpg
Nike AirForce 1 Php 4,995. Nike Store
2018-01-21 03.43.21 1.jpg
Pink Mid Cut, Human Php899

Since AF 1 doesn’t have other colors available yet, I decided to get this one from a local brand at a very affordable price , and I am actually impressed with the quality and comfort! This is a good dupe and it looks good too.

Moving on, let’s go to my other “favorites”

My favorite movie I watched this month is actually quite surprising even for me.

6. Siargao directed by Paul Soriano

This movie will make you want to travel and never come back. It actually did it to me. The story line is simple and relateable, nothing gut-wrenching, just pure millennial goodness and our fear of commitment (but it’s true, isn’t it?)

I don’t want to spoil you guys, but you should watch this movie with an open heart


Photo from @siargaothemovie instagram account

and lastly, the only show which actually made me sign up for Netflix

7. Riverdale

You don’t know who addicted I am with this series. It’s the best!


Photo from @thecwriverdale instagram account

I am actually so invested and I don’t want it to end. I love Veronica and I have this huge crush with Jughead, Cheryl’s outfit are perfect too. But if I’ll be honest the best thing about it is the storyline, it will actually make you think.

All right, that’s it for January 2018!

Thanks for visiting my blog.